East Carolina University2017 Institution Survey

Upper Level Writing Courses--Senior Culminating Experience

Does your institution require ALL students complete a senior thesis or other writing-intensive capstone experience?


Does your institution require SOME students complete a senior thesis or other writing-intensive capstone experience?


What are the criteria for some students to complete a senior thesis?

The requirements vary by department.

Honors students are required to complete a thesis.

Individual students can choose to complete to complete a senior thesis.

Writing across the curriculum (WAC)--General Description

Does your institution have a formal WAC Program?


What does the WAC Program consist of?

WI Courses

Writing Enriched Curriculum (WEC)

Faculty Development

Has any aspect of the WAC Program been influenced by the Statement of WAC Principles and Practices?


Is there professional development available for those teaching in the WAC Program or teaching WI courses?


Writing across the curriculum (WAC)--Writing-Intensive Courses

Does your institution require all students to take writing-intensive (WI or W) courses taught by departments other than English or Writing? See Glossary for definitions.


How long has the WI requirement been in existence?

15+ years

How many WI courses are required beyond the first-year requirement?


How many WI courses are part of a first-year requirement?


When do WI courses need to be completed?

By graduation

Are there explicit goals for the WI courses?


Have the goals been influenced by the WPA Outcomes Statement?


What form of assessment takes place of the WI goals?

Electronic portfolio

Random sample of student writing

What are the criteria for a WI course?


Time discussing writing In class

Written or verbal feedback from instructor

Percentage of course grade in writing

Who certifies that a course fulfills WI designation?

WAC Administrator

Writing Committee

Are there incentives offered for faculty to teach a WI course?


In academic year 2016/17, what was the course cap for WI courses?


Writing across the curriculum (WAC)--Administration

Who has primary responsibility for administering the WAC Program?

WAC Administrator

In addition to the person who has primary responsibility for WAC, how many graduate students, staff members, or faculty members have administrative responsibilities for WAC?


Writing across the curriculum (WAC)--Changes to WAC

Since the academic year 2012/13 have there been changes to the WI or WAC program?


What changes occurred?

WI requirement added

WI course requirement dropped


What other changes occurred?

The WI program went from a page-count/models of WI to an outcomes based WI

Do you foresee any major changes to WAC on your campus in the next four years?


Writing centers--General description

Does your institution have a writing center or learning center with writing tutors?


Is the writing center free-standing or part of another institutional unit?

Part of another institutional unit

If the writing center is not free-standing, what larger institutional unit is it a part of?

Rhetoric/writing department or program

Where is the writing center located? Note: From this point on writing center refers to both free-standing and those located within another unit.


Is there a mission statement for the writing center?


Are there explicit goals for the writing center?


How are the goals assessed?

Student feedback forms

Center usage statistics

In addition to providing support for students writing for their courses, what services does the writing center offer? Check all that apply.

Assistance with multimodal assignments

Assistance with online research

Assistance with job materials

Assistance with graduate school materials

Assistance for English Language Learners

What events does the writing center offer?

Student workshops

Space for student to come together to write

Space for faculty or staff to come together to write

Student writing groups

Dissertation or thesis boot camp

Writing centers--Consultations

What type of appointments does the writing center offer?

scheduled face-to-face appts

scheduled online appts

online feedback via e-mail

What is the average length of a consultation or tutorial session offered?

60 minutes

Administrative positions--Writing Across the Curriculum Administrator (WACA)

How is the Writing Across the Curriculum Administrator position (WACA) classified?


Where does the WACA's tenure line reside?


To whom does the WACA report?

Chair of the department



Was the WACA hired for this position?


Which of the following teaching responsibilities does the WACA have? Check all that apply.

Teach courses

Train tutors, TAs, or professional staff

faculty workshops

student workshops

On average, how many courses per year does the WACA teach?


On average, how many courses per year are reassigned for WACA administrative responsibilities?


Which of the following are the administrative responsibilities of the WACA?

Develop curriculum

Create Program Documents

Write grants

Conduct assessment

Consult with individual faculty or departments across the disciplines

Hire (tutors, professional staff, or teaching faculty)

Supervise (tutors, professional staff, or teaching faculty)

Mentor (tutors, professional staff, or teaching faculty)

Oversee exemption and/or transfer credit

Advertise program

Oversee program budget

Plan events

Serve on university committees