2013 Four-Year Institution Survey

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What is the other content of the other first year requirement? (n=14)

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  • analyzing and making arguments in controversies
  • Can be contextual (social, political, gendered, economic) studies. EN 110: Inroduction to Literary Studies, te gateway course to the English major also may count as a course fulfilling the expository writing requirement.
  • close reading of diverse texts
  • Connected to Culture
  • critical thinking inquiry-based
  • developing writing research skills
  • discipline-specific
  • humanities: literature, classics, drama, music, philosophy
  • liberal arts
  • Research-Based Argument and the Oral Presentation of Research
  • There are no stand-alone FYW courses. First years enroll in 100 level (or possibly above) courses in the departments
  • Varies widely.
  • various rhetorical types
  • We have three W-courses in the core: ENGL, HIST, and PHIL

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