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What other writing requirements does your institution have? (n=47)

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  • "All University Writing Requirement": 2500 words of writing in ALL courses offered on campus
  • Students who do not submit or pass the FY portfolio must complete one or two "W" courses to demonstrate writing proficiency.
  • Jr/Sr Paideia 2 (interdisc)
  • Only students who score below 560 on the SAT verbal must take a 100-level writing course (about 65-80 FY students each year).
  • required senior-level writing and public speaking course
  • Research and Presentation requirement (usually Junior or Senior year, Writing Intensive)
  • Research skills exam
  • Some degree areas in the College of Engineering and Applied Science require technical writing in place of intermediate composition
  • Some gen ed courses also have writing requirements.
  • sophomore-level required course (English 200)
  • students must exhibit competence in basic skills in writing
  • take a WRIT class within first two years, and another in next two; must demonstrate competence in writing to graduate.
  • Graduate English Proficiency Exam
  • technical writing course required
  • The requirement is one communication intensive course in the major and one C.I. course in the Humanities.
  • The requirement varies at the six different undergraduate colleges. At four of the colleges, the requirement is embedded in a multi-term core sequence; at two of the colleges, it is a free-standing two-term composition sequence that is primarily taught by graduate-student TAs from a variety of departments.
  • There is a mid-career writing assessment that is defined and managed by departments on campus.
  • Two "Gordon Rule" courses required by the state to be writing intensive, can be from any discipline that offers them.
  • upper division writing courses taught by writing faculty
  • upper-division writing requirement
  • We also have an upper division writing requirement.
  • We require at least three writing intensive classes from each student
  • Individual programs may or may not have more required writing, either provided by the Dept. or through me (e.g., business writing).
  • General Education writing competency
  • 100: first-year writing 200: writing "University Learning Outcome" in university-wide course; 3: Communication in the Discipline course in each major; 4: capstone in each major.
  • An "upper-division writing requirement" that typically is administered through a major but not necessarily. A senior capstone is usually where this requirement is fulfilled.
  • 2 courses in the core curriculum focused on speaking or writing
  • 2 required first-year comp courses
  • 2nd-yr composition taught by Writing faculty
  • 6 Gen Ed classes 3,500 words in each class
  • A jr level wr course is required; that's our "mid-level" requirement
  • advanced composition course
  • Advanced Seminar, a general education senior capstone with specfiic writing requirements
  • Advanced W portfolio
  • All students take/transfer comp credit and a first-year seminar that is writing intensive. Students must take a minimum of 4 classes marked as "W" (2 in the core and 2 in their major)
  • Basic requirement is that students must have 6 hours (minimum) of writing intensive credits to graduate.
  • first year seminar; honors seminar; or fycomp course--all 3 address common outcomes for writing/info literacy
  • Before students can take upper-division writing, they must pass an exam. If they fail the exam twice, they may take a class that, when passed, waives the test.
  • business or technical writing and other professional writing courses; also each department may have other requirements
  • demonstration of College-level competency
  • Department discretion for additional requirements including capstones and portfolios.
  • Depending on English placement test, students may have to take 1-2 pre-baccalaureate writing classes before 1st year writing. Depending on results of exam after 2 semesters of writing, students may have to take a) no more classes, 2) one more, or 3) two more classes.
  • dissertation
  • DSP for FYC
  • English 102 is a graduation requirement for all students; depending on the major, some students also have a 200- or 300-level writing requirement.
  • Every undergraduate program has a writing plan to embed significant writing instruction across the entire major. These plans are approved by a faculty committee and regularly reviewed.
  • writing-intensive introduction to literature course

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