2013 Four-Year Institution Survey

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Who participates in the college-wide assessment? (n=272)

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Students take an essay exam. (n=88)Students submit a portfolio. (n=113)Professors certify for writing proficiency when students take writing-intensive courses. (n=122)Departments assess majors through a senior-culminating experience. (n=140)A longitudinal study is conducted. (n=73)
Writing program director (n=106)3346301439
Writing center director (n=65)273515826
Writing program faculty (n=105)3354291733
English department faculty (n=150)5360615929
Faculty from other disciplines than writing and English (n=163)2345739439
Readers outside the institution (n=15)54154
Associate dean (n=22)57669
Registrar (n=13)52745
Other (n=63)1214201517

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