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What other events does the writing center offer? (n=66)

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  • "Hot topics" discussion groups
  • Standardized test preparation workshop series
  • Outreach events with a local middle school (workshops with their writing tutors)
  • poems on demand booth at outreach events
  • Poetry Night
  • post-doc workshops
  • Promotional events; class presentations
  • public reading series events where students can perform their original writing
  • Reading for pleasure groups
  • Reading Roundtables
  • Resource fairs
  • Shakespeare's birthday party; Pi day
  • Social Events
  • Social events like Writer Fight Club
  • Space for fun anti-stres workshops and activities
  • Success in Graduate Writing Camp
  • Open Mic and Creative Writing Readings; Celebration of Student Writing; Other events such as Banned Books Week and National Day on Writing
  • Summer Writing Boot Camp
  • Test preparation for GRE, LSAT, Praxis and other standardized assessments
  • thank you letter workshops for scholarship recipients; open-misc; literary journal events; annual faculty book celebration
  • Themed open-house events, International student orientation, Summer bridge program orientation.
  • There are a number of event that we offer to our staff of 55 undergraduate tutors, many of them provided by the tutors themselves: in particular, continuing education workshops for CRLA credit and discussion roundtables. We also host brunches and other social events for our staff.
  • Visiting Scholars Resarch Series; community events (e.g., poetry and flash fictions readings)
  • We have "Kindness Week," which foregrounds the way that writing is about connection and includes a variety of workshops, student readings, and conversation hours. We have a workshop/conversation series about issues related to diversity called "Chai Time" (tea is served at the events). We also have more programming in development, particularly a writing camp for graduate writers and writing groups.
  • We host a number of writing contests and events and a regular writing group for NaNoWriMo.
  • We hosted the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing last year and have focused our staff development on facilitating research opportunities for tutors
  • We provide a space for students to write via studio pedagogy
  • We publish 2 literary journals and a monthly newsletter. Consultants give presentations in classes, and present at regional, national, and international conferences. The director is half-time, so consultants also do scheduling, much of the administrative work, help with payroll, recruiting, staff development, and publicity.
  • Workshops for K-12
  • Writing Center Orientations
  • writing contests (2 responses)
  • Open Mic Nights
  • Open Houses
  • 1-credit writing workshop classes
  • English conversation, interview workshops
  • Annual open house with other academic services
  • annual writing across the curriculum conference; occasional proceedings in an online journal
  • Art shows, résumé assistance days
  • Arts of Communication Boot Camp, Black Lives Matter Writing Contest and Awards Ceremony
  • class presentations
  • Classroom workshops and grading support
  • Co-curricular events
  • Collaboration with Writing Project to host middle-school and high-school writing workshops; co-sponsor community writing events
  • Community Outreach Events; writing fellows to first-year writing instructors; drop-in study/work space; ELL Game Nights and other, more targeted events
  • Conversation Partners Conversation Partners Program WC in the DRC
  • Creative Writing Club meets there
  • Creative writing readings
  • English Conversation Group
  • ESL conversation circles and writing assignment feedback for faculty
  • Open house, book giveaways, writing prize
  • Events at which students read their writing.
  • Exam preparation
  • Faculty Reading Groups
  • General outreach and tabling events
  • Guest readings and speakers.
  • impromptu speech contest, celebration fo writing in other languages,
  • In-class peer review workshops, presentations on WC services, embedded consultants
  • Interactive modules on frequently requested topics
  • local community writing events (Politics and Pizza, etc.)
  • National Day of Writing events
  • NSF GRFP personal statement support retreat
  • Occasional presentations son writing topics for small groups of students and faculty
  • Online guides, podcasts, writing videos
  • Open House for prospective tutors
  • Writing enrichment events such as NaNoWriMo meet-up groups, open-mic poetry, etc.

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