2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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Who else serves on the writing committee? (n=27)

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  • A Graduate Assistant in the English department.
  • Registrar
  • Writing Placement Coordinator
  • WID director
  • We don't have an institution-wide writing committee, but we do have two relevant departmental committees 1) a FYW committee comprised of the FYW director and selected instructors, 2) a writing concentration committee comprised of a chair and Language & Literature department faculty, occasionally a student member. At the university 3)The Writing Intensive group is not a committee per se, but has leadership and occasional gatherings. Writing studio director leads; tutors and WI faculty attend.
  • We actually have several committees. We have a first-year writing program committee that includes the WPA, WCD, and first-year writing program faculty. We have a writing committee that includes the director(s) of the writing major and minor, along with other department faculty. We also have a writing oversight and assessment committee that is chaired by the WPA and includes faculty reps from other departments.
  • two Graduate student appointees
  • To clarify: We have a FYW Committee (FYW faculty); we also have a general education curriculum committee, and the associate director of FYW serves on that.
  • There is a reading/writing proficiency committee comprised of the FYC director and someone from another discipline.
  • Student writing is assessed through our English Department. However the Writing Center itself does not assess writing beyond the individual tutor-student level.
  • Staff from Office of Minority Student Affairs, Center for Excellence and Teaching and Learning, McNair Program, Library
  • Representative from Dean of Faculty (Academic Affairs) office
  • QEP director, co-directors, and faculty
  • A lecturer from our department and two TAs.
  • Provost or designee; Secretary of Faculty Senate (non-voting)
  • Maurer Director of Rhetoric; Director of Residence Life
  • Librarians
  • It's an open committee, involving the Director of FYC, and frequent attendance from members of our writing program and English department (faculty and adjunct), the Department Chair, and the Writing Center Director.
  • Graduate students
  • General Education Director
  • Former Writing Program Director (1) Former Writing Program Coordinator (1)
  • Director of First Term Seminar
  • associate provost
  • Associate Director of First-Year Writing
  • Associate Dean (2 responses)
  • Writing Program Co-directors and Writing Center Assistant Director plus six elected faculty, two from each division. Plus 1 student representative from the tutoring body.

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