2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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What changes have there been to the support for English Language Learners (ELLs)? Check all that apply. - Other - Text (n=34)

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  • A FT-NTT teaching position with reduced course obligations was created and filled. The position is for a specialist in ELL and multilingual writers, and the reduced teaching obligation is meant to provide time to develop additional supports for ELL students. So far, that has resulted in our adding a course option for multilingual writers (taught by this person), and progress toward directed self-placement for the FYC requirement.
  • Professional development for faculty of ELLs
  • We started having peer tutors and additional support courses
  • We developed a Language Partners Program to formalize pairing ELL writers with writing tutors for intentional, repeating appointments.
  • We already had one faculty member doing one-third time administering the program, in addition to a significant portion of the Associate Director's time. We've added a second.
  • WCD and tutors received specialized instruction for working with L2 writers
  • Two sections of College English I were created primarily for a new program in the School of Business that recruited students from China who had finished their sophomore year in China. This ESL version of College English I had been defunct for years but was resuscitated to meet the needs of these students.
  • Tutoring center was moved from the humanities bldg to the library
  • The writing center was established and student workers trained with the writing center support these students
  • The Writing Center had to reduce the number of standing weekly appointments we could schedule for ELL writers from 12 to 6 to accommodate more writers.
  • The unit used to report to the Provost's office; beginning this year it is part of the English Department, and the position of Executive Director was dropped.
  • the basic writing course for ELLs was shifted to 4 days a week (from 3)
  • support staff fired
  • Stand alone ESL/TOEFL program was eliminated last year.
  • Specialized training for three sets of tutors on campus was created.
  • Signed MOU for concurrent enrollment pathway model instead of pre-admission model for EAP courses.
  • Plus model was developed for ELL students.
  • A part-time coordinator for international students' language learning
  • ELL program was terminated.
  • A program for international students with low TOEFL scores was added.
  • At this time (2018-19), all ELL classes have been stopped until further notice.
  • Chinese and spanish tutors added to the writing center staff
  • Curriculum was changed into a ALP course BW/FYW
  • curriculum was substantively changed
  • Dedicated ELL peer tutors were added in writing center
  • ELLs were moved to Basic course and ELL position was dropped
  • Our one and only MLL position lost; a program in development, cut.
  • Established a focused tutoring center for ELLs
  • Except for 20-30 Admissions-identified students, we don't have courses specifically for ELL learners, but we added a version of our first-year writing course after surveying students in our more supported version to see what else we could do to help them. We suggested several models and received a request to split our four-credit course (which is followed by an optional extension) into two 2-credit courses (still with the option of an extension). We have added this version, and it has been very helpful to students needing more time (as opposed to more work).
  • hired faculty with expertise in ELL instruction and academic-writing instruction
  • more outreach
  • More sections of the ESL course added
  • No special sections
  • writing counselor received TSEOL training; writing center added programming

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