2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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How would you describe your first-year writing requirement? Check all that apply. - Other - Text (n=14)

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  • First year composition and speech course taught by a variety of faculty across disciplines. The currciulcum is the same for each of the sections and is disciplie specific.
  • first year writing requirement is a lab attached to an FYE course; students who do not achieve writing milestones are required to take FYC course
  • FYC + FYWS 5 departments offer the second course
  • General Education Introductory Communication
  • Our first year seminars have an official requirement that writing be included, but there is no requirement that writing be an aspect of the instruction that takes place in the course.
  • Our FYS meets the writing requirement
  • Our institution has a writing requirement, met by a designated class taught across the curriculum, but I'm not sure it's quite a FYWS.
  • Ours is a blend of the first two, with first-year writing seminar taught by full-time faculty drawn from across the disciplines
  • This is only the model within EWP, for the 7 schools we serve. [Other campuses] have other models.
  • We have a general studies curriculum where writing is both the explicit point of certain courses but merely an integrated part of other courses.
  • We have a new department called Core that doesn't have a disciplinary affiliation. It is staffed entirely by non-tenured faculty who teach no other courses at the institution except the two it offers: Academic Foundations I and II. These courses have replaced first-year writing and speech courses. At the same time, though, they also try to foster institutional identity and engage different social issues from different disciplinary perspectives.
  • We have one first-year course and one 2000-level course.
  • We have two-course writing sequence, but second course is offered in many departments across the university. English has responsibility for some but not all. An independent WAC office offers support, training, and resources for the second course.
  • Written Inquiry offers FYC-style courses at the 100-level, and most students take the course in their first year. However, the writing requirement IS NOT an official FYC; student can complete it at any point in their academic career, and can take writing courses at the 200 and 300 level to do so.

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