2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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Since AY 2012/13, what have been the changes to the administration or staffing of first year writing at your institution? Check all that apply. - Other - Text (n=36)

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  • .50 FTE FYWD hired--.50 faculty, .50 admin
  • The former English chair stepped down, and the new chair increased administrative support for the Director of Composition.
  • previous director retired, new director hired, structure of position changed somewhat (previously this position was responsible for WAC and WC and teaching; now only WAC and teaching)
  • Research Prof. to Teaching Prof.
  • Responsibilities for approving FYWS courses shifted to the writing center director and a staff librarian
  • Separate director for FYS, apart from Wr Program
  • Tenured faculty now also part-time Writing Director
  • The Composition Coordinator has changed since AY 2012-13. More PT people have been hired. Only two other FT-TT professors formally trained in Comp/Rhet has been hired (one is currently the Composition Coordinator).
  • The WPA position was previously held by two faculty members. It has been consolidated into one position.
  • Interrim Director appointed and job search begun for tenure-track Assoc Prof or Full Professor to be Director of Composition (replacing retired WPA, tenured line)
  • These changes start AY 2017-2018
  • Three post-doctorate writing fellows, selected through a national search, teach 4 writing seminars/year as FT-NTT.
  • turnover
  • Two new Teaching Assistant Professor lines were added
  • we added a coordinator of FYC who works in collaboartion with the Composition Program director. at the same time, we also added a Coordinator of SYC and On-line instruction
  • We reconfigured the Director and Associate Director positions, putting the Associate Director in charge of assessment and moving faculty development to the Director's portfolio
  • New FYW Director (replaced by previous one)--TT line as before
  • FYS director appointed
  • A new First-Year Course Coordinator (myself) began in 2014.
  • an independent writing dept was started
  • A new full-time TT writing director was created and hired
  • A position wasn't "created" so much as I do the work of the position and everyone started calling me Writing Program Coordinator
  • Added oversight of campus writing center
  • Administrative release time for Writing Program Director was increased
  • All of our long-term full-time positions were allowed to participate in professor tracks that are eligible for promotion
  • an administrative assistant position was added to help support p/t instructors
  • Began grad. program - TAs
  • FYC director was created. Course release was given to TA Supervisor (TT line).
  • coordinator of WAC was added
  • Director of composition position was eliminated due to budget cuts
  • English Coordinator role filled and not replaced (currently)
  • Formal recognition of a Writing Programs Director
  • FT-TT positions other than the Associate Chair of Core Writing were replaced by FT-NTT faculty as administrators
  • full-time tenured faculty stepped down, and new tenure-track position hired as Comp Coordinator
  • FWIS assoc. director assumed more responsibilitties for additional compensation.
  • WPA position & Writing Assessment Comm were eliminated

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