2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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What are the changes to the support for basic writers? Check all that apply. - Other - Text (n=30)

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  • Academic Resource Office
  • Studio sections allowing placement directly in credit-bearing courses added
  • WPA position & Writing Assessment Comm were eliminated
  • We started a summer bridge program for low-income students, students of color, first-gen students and students who identify as LGBTQIA. The program focuses on a variety of skills and topics, and includes some attention to writing, but does not include a targeted basic writing class
  • We don't really have a category that corresponds to "basic writing," but we added a version of our first-year writing course after surveying students in our more supported version to see what else we could do to help them. We suggested several models and received a request to split our four-credit course (which is followed by an optional extension) into two 2-credit courses (still with the option of an extension). We have added this version, and it has been very helpful to students needing more time (as opposed to more work).
  • We do not have basic writers
  • Two writing and research fellows were integrated into each section of the developmental writing course.
  • tutors for basic writers had been peer tutors and now students are tutored through the writing center
  • The writing center was established
  • The directorship was added and then removed.
  • The course that served basic writers was cut.
  • The biggest chance was that the Developmental Reading and Writing left the English Department and shifted over to the Education Department.
  • Supplemental Instruction was added to FYC
  • Supplemental instruction was added
  • Studio courses are entering a second round of pilots
  • After the coordinator position was created and filled, it was later taken away and put under the umbrella of the WPA who oversees the larger FYC program.
  • Students in basic writing also take a college readiness course.
  • Stand alone ESL/TOEFL program was eliminated last year.
  • My position was added in 2014. Prior to that, there was no Writing Center. Content tutors provided support for English classes without writing pedagogies training.
  • More sections added
  • instructional support dropped
  • Dedicated peer tutors in the writing center linked to basic writing courses, then removed from courses.
  • Co-requisite model
  • Class time extended, and tutors from the Writing Lab were placed in each section.
  • Change in our composition sequence
  • Budget cuts forced a reduction in writing center staff.
  • Basic Writing Students are no longer admitted. They must attend CC till they meet "pass" placement test
  • Basic writing program was created (credit bearing, in the English department -- to replace non-credit bearing "advanced development" courses
  • basic writing became a supported sections of FYC with course-based peer tutors from the writing center
  • writing counselor recieved TSEOL training; writing center added programs

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