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Feel free to explain the role of the advisory committee. (n=33)

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  • 1We have a Writing Program committee that advises on institutional relationships and helps to plan and conduct assessments.
  • The College Writing Committee is comprised of faculty from departments across the college. They advise and support the work of the Writing and Speaking Center, as well as the broader Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.
  • We have an advisory council for all aspects of our programming. This involved communication-intensive course support for faculty, supplemental instruction for students (including experiential learning) and all aspects of our studios, of which writing support is a part. The advisory council consists of faculty from multiple colleges across campus, community members interested in cultivating learning, and students and alum.
  • We have an Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers advisory committee where faculty and advisors meet yearly to share information and talk about programatic changes.
  • Very low-key advisory board of faculty across academic disciplines. Meets once a semester to discuss Writing Center initiatives. No administrative or supervisory role.
  • They give me advice. I take it or leave it.
  • There wasn't one when I started. I've only recent had a proposal passed through our Academic Senate to approve and assemble an Advisory Council. This council would serve to alert me to opportunities for the Writing Center/WAC program to collaborate with faculty and staff in other colleges/divisions, to help me seek funding opportunities for new initiatives, to help recruit and develop consultants from across divisions/disciplines, etc.
  • The Writing Subcommittee reports to the Academic Program and Standards Committee and it helps the director develop policies, propose changes to the program, and oversee the Writing Program.
  • The Writing Program Advisory Committee provides guidance and support for the directors of the Writing Center and the Writing Program (WAC).
  • The writing center was developed as a part of the Quality Enhamcement Plan (QEP) for the university. There is a faculty oversight committee for the QEP, which includes the writing center as well as writing courses in the majors and assessment.
  • The Writing Center is accountable to the Writing Committee, a standing committee within the English Department.
  • The Writing Center Council, which consists of faculty, students, and administrators will have its inaugural meeting this fall (2018). The Council is tasked with developing a sustainable funding stream to replace the current funding model which is split among units across campus and must be renewed each year. We hope to make a case for central funding through the Provost's Office. The Council will also serve as campus ambassadors for the Writing Center and help us to identify unmet needs for writing support.
  • The Writing Center Advisory Board’s mission is to provide advice and counsel to the Writing Center Director throughout each term. Board members are charged with strengthening relationships between the Writing Center and all academic departments on campus. In addition, members will focus on prioritizing programs and budgets while collaborating to shape the center’s goals and objectives.
  • The primary purpose is to provide a space to communicate utilization of services. However, the focus of the advisory committee is also designed to shift with the goals of the center. Currently, we are working to discuss and integrate roles of the centralized writing center with a separate English Language Center.
  • The faculty advisory board is new and its role is still being defined. The director meets with faulty on a semester basis and they work on advertising ideas, content and workshop ideas.
  • The committee advises the Writing Lab Director on issues related to operation of the Lab and those related to teaching writing generally across campus.
  • Purely ceremonial.
  • Assist with UWC programming, vision, mission, publicity, and assessment
  • Participate in hiring of Director. Annual Board Meetings.
  • Our Writing Committee supports the Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program. It's more closely associated with the latter.
  • Our English department has a Rhetoric and Composition Committee, with faculty and student representatives, that we can consult when needed.
  • Our board is composed of one faculty member from each academic division. Members advise the WCD and other faculty tutors on new and ongoing WC initiatives and serve as the "eyes and ears" of their division regarding student needs in reading and writing.
  • Just advisory.
  • It is no longer in use.
  • It is brand new. It was created by the Dean of our school (Humanities), and the Director of the Center is a member; I am not. I am not sure what it will do.
  • It hasn't met frequently enough in recent years to be particularly significant; however, the intention is that it provides additional feedback and guidance on writing center operations and goals. Committee members provide feedback on the website, resources, budgetary concerns, student usage, consultant training, integration into courses, collaboration with faculty and instructors, and more.
  • II. Mission The Council is created for the purpose of working with the Writing Studio and shall limit its activities to advising on matters that directly concern this instructional program. The specific purposes of the Council may include the following responsibilities: o To suggest outreach opportunities of the WC o To advise the pedagogical direction (i.e. mission statement and Student Learning Outcomes) o To represent the interests of the university community to the WC o To represent the interests of the WC to the university community o To give the university formal method to make recommendations on how the WC functions III. Relationship of Council to WC: It is the role of the Council Members to serve as ambassadors for the WC. The advisory committee is expected to offer recommendations for instructional programs and to provide information relevant to policy about the instructional program to the administration and consultants.
  • gives feedback from different disciplinary perspectives on initiatives or issues related to the WC
  • full-time faculty from each of the schools, Nursing, Business, A&S, Education serve as an advisory board.
  • Faculty who are interested in the writing center who have prior writing center experience are encouraged to participate in a support committee.
  • Faculty committee does little to nothing and is a committee in name only.
  • Created a model for the center.
  • We have an informal collection of faculty advisers. The advisers don't meet, but they serve as liaisons between the writing center and the English faculty.

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