2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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Since AY 2012/13, what have been the changes to the requirement for writing courses beyond the first year (not writing-intensive)? Check all that apply.- Other - Text (n=17)

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  • A follow-up course for students who score in the C range of LAN 101
  • Engineering required "Developing and Communicating your Professional Identity"
  • We went from writing intensive in the major to writing-infused in gen ed
  • The soph. level course is now the grad requirement
  • Requirement drop
  • Our FYS class used to have a writing requirement (so many pages, etc.). It does not.
  • Objectives revised, curriculum changed
  • Learning outcomes
  • Dropped required second semester in first-year and added a semester in year two
  • A general education course (diversity requirement) added a writing requirement.
  • Disciplinary writing outcomes mapped across all major courses, culminating in the capstone as common site of assessment
  • Changes have been ongoing pending a fall 2020 gen ed redesign
  • All programs were required to develop a strategy for teaching writing in the major
  • A required senior-level course was added
  • a required junior-level writing course was dropped.
  • A required junior or senior-level research and writing course added when a first year course was dropped
  • Writing requirements beyond the FYC program are determined by major; some majors have added or dropped requirements for a junior level writing course.

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