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What is the institutional home of the ELL writing courses? - Other - Text (n=73)

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  • Academic English for Multilingual Students Program in the Department of Rhetoric and Language
  • there is no ELL writing course
  • No ELL writing courses
  • None
  • Not sure
  • Our university has an ESL institute that offers preparation for international ELL students with test scores too low to enter college. After they are admitted, however, we do not have an ELL specific writing course.
  • School of Writing, Literature, and Film
  • Students are placed into College Writing I, which is a mix of ELL/monolingual students. There are no specific ELL classes.
  • Students complete academic English coursework, which is housed in the Program in Academic English; upon completion, they are eligible to enroll in basic writing courses in Composition; international students may opt to enroll in a freshman composition course for international students; the composition coures are housed in the English Department
  • The Academic English and Pathway Programs at INTO Colorado State University
  • The English Dept is the home for all my answers. There is a separate non-credit-bearing program for international students housed in the School of Education
  • The general basic writing course was originally developed as a capstone to a now-on-haitus English Language Development curriculum in the Language and Literature Dept
  • The Writing Program, with assistance from The Center for American Language and Culture
  • There are no ELL writing courses. Tutoring support only, through writing center.
  • There are no ELL-specific courses.
  • There is no home for it
  • No courses
  • we don't have ELL courses
  • We have two - a pathway program and a co-req set of linked classes within the FYWP.
  • we have none
  • We have no ELL-designated sections
  • We have a separate EMS (English for Multilingual Students) that's part of the Linguistics Department.
  • We don't offer the ELL course on our campus
  • We don't have ELL writing courses.
  • We don't have any. Our program is complicated.
  • they have RHE course codes but are overseen by an office of international affairs, i think
  • We don't have an ELL writing course.
  • We do not offer ELL writing courses. There was an English Language Institute on campus, which was not part of the university.It has since closed due to lack of enrollment.
  • we do NOT have ELL writing for university credit
  • we do not have ELL designated courses
  • we do not have ELL courses
  • Various offices run various programs. ELI for example runs services for international English Learners. The Writing Center offers support to all students.
  • No ELL course
  • n/a (2 responses)
  • Additional intensive English support from program not housed in English dep't.
  • independent program
  • both ELL and English
  • both Intensive English Program and Writing Studies Dept
  • Department of Modern Languages
  • Depends on the course. Some are in the Intensive English Program and others in English. NNS students go through a different placement process, so I could not give a % for the previous question.
  • Dept of Humanities & Arts
  • Director of English for Speakers of Other Languages reports to Modern Foreign Languages Department
  • Education department
  • Education--our ESL specialist teaches them
  • English Language Center (2 responses)
  • English Language Program in Global Education
  • ESL Department
  • ESL Program
  • Extended Education
  • First-year seminar
  • Institute of Language and Culture (IALC)
  • Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Languages & Literature dept.
  • Linguistics Dept
  • Linguistics Department
  • Linguistics
  • Learning Commons/Modern Languages
  • Learning Center/Writing Center
  • Learning Center
  • Languages
  • Intensive ESL Program
  • Language Institute
  • It's a humanities and social sciences division. We don't have an English department because we're so small.
  • INTO Program
  • International programs (2 responses)
  • International and Off Campus Programs
  • International Affairs
  • Writing Center (2 responses)

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