2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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For FYS, what types of on-going professional development is provided? Check all that apply. (n=38)

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FT-TT English/ Writing Faculty (n=29)FT-TT Faculty from other disciplines (n=34)FT-NTT English/ Writing Faculty (n=18)FT NTT Faculty from other disciplines (n=24)Part-Time Faculty (n=19)Graduate Students (n=1)Other Types of Instructor (n=5)
Attend Conferences1212791
Present at Conferences11116811
Access to Professional Journals12126743
Outside Speakers101044512
Required Weekly Meetings111
Optional Weekly Meetings222311
Required Monthly Meetings2311
Optional Monthly Meetings674731
Workshops or In-Service232513151213
Meetings with Director121469912

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