2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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Since AY 2012/13, what have been the changes to the first-year writing placement mechanism or how alternate credit is granted at your institution? Check all that apply.- Other - Text (n=17)

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  • Assessment-based Learning is being evaluated
  • Placement Tests were not allowed in Florida institutions. Meaning every student begins with English Composition I there are no remediation courses.
  • We have started offering college-credit courses that replaced previously "remedial" (non-graduation-credit) courses
  • We are doing an in-house placement starting in AY 2018-19.
  • Transfer grade requirement was increased from 70% to 75%
  • State law also changed the minimum score on the state placement test
  • self placement added
  • Scores and qualifications for exemption were raised
  • Placement mechanism for students who opt out of test score reporting developed
  • Basic writing was removed, test scores were changed.
  • new course (pre-composition I) was added
  • Moved to DSP (within that first course)
  • Eliminated a remedial writing course
  • Co-requisite was added for basic writers.
  • CLEP exam prompts were rewritten to reflect learning outcomes in the first required composition course
  • Change in SAT/ACT scores
  • We now require students who do not exempt through AP, ACT, or SAT scores to write a placement test.

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