2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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What is the content for the first or only semester of FYS? Check all that apply - Other - Text (n=15)

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  • A main component of our writing program that is not on this list is Rhetoric. FYS at [this institution] is not run by the writing program. There is a writing learning objective but we really have no input on curriculum pr pedagogy.
  • Depends entirely on faculty choice.
  • Each professor gets to to decide but must choose an interdisciplinary approach and is suggested to assign the same 3 types of major essays.
  • Faculty have complete freedom with their syllabi, so the curricula and the methods vary. Most classes include some combination of the options listed above.
  • FYC is a studio linked to the FYS so we use a common text (They Say/I Say) and similar assignment types (close reading, analysis, comparison, etc) as well as working on general writing and revision skills in both classes
  • Our classes share major assignments; sections are theme-based, decided upon by instructor. The amount of time spent, from section to section, on writing seems to differ greatly.
  • Our course sequence is an introduction to liberal arts. Though there are many writing assignments and some writing instruction, neither course is primarily a writing course. Much of the common content is more directly connected with the intro-to-liberal-arts mission. There are some common readings from writing textbooks and some common guidelines for major writing assignments.
  • Our first semester course begins with primary research and slowly builds in instructor supplied sources to teach different types of sources and research. Our FYC classes have BOTH a departmental syllabus as well as a shorter supplemental instructor syllabus. Instructors are given a skeletal structure of assignment types but develop their own specific assignments to meet the goals.
  • Our FYS course combines writing instructions with engineering ethics and the advancement of technology. Therefore, our content is directly related to these topics.
  • Philosophy and literature. Content is a wide-ranging common syllabus; includes Plato, Sappho, Confucius, Marx, Freud, Allison Bechdel, Ta-Nehisi Coates, etc.
  • Rhetoric
  • Some faculty incorporate on cultural materials other than literature. Also, faculty use a mix of these approaches. No single course does all of this.
  • There are general parameters for assignments, conferencing, portfolios, content, etc. However, individual instructors may also include themes, waw, teaching for transfer, etc.
  • Tutorial (first year seminar) professors choose their own course topics and devise their own syllabi including number and type of writing assignments.
  • We have writing goals and optional training opportunities. Everyone "teaches" writing as they see fit. No consistency.

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