2017 Four-Year Institution Survey

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What is the content for the first or only semester of FYWS? Check all that apply - Other - Text (n=12)

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  • Above, under is there a common syllabus, we do have a common umbrella course description and shared learning outcomes for the first year writing course, but each instructor tunes the syllabus to the specific class/topic.
  • Analysis and Critical Thinking
  • Depends on instructor
  • For both FYC and FYWS, each instructor adhers to a common set of goals, but have freedom to create the course around those goals through a theme.
  • For FYC: a home-grown sequence of assignments For the seminars: it's wide open
  • FYWS-type courses at [the institution] have content that varies with the disciplines that offer them.
  • I am using FYWS as the closest descriptor for our First Year Seminar, which is writing-emphasis, and is the first of 5 WE courses students are required to take (the other 4 are elective). Only students who transfer more than 8 credits when they enter Coe can skip it. Students must earn a C in this course or a designated equivalent (if they get lower than a C in the first try). So, our first year seminars are across the disciplines and contain whatever content the professor desires. They required to include writing (multiple drafts, focus on revision), with at least 1 paper that involves research. They submit a portfolio at the end.
  • It can be any of these--there are no requirements.
  • Only full-time faculty may teach the course. They must volunteer, not be assigned. Their proposals specify content. The program requires that the majority of writing be analytical.
  • Our FYWS instructors have considerable autonomy in terms of course design.
  • Text-based, thematically unified seminars.
  • There is a huge amount of variation on course content; faculty from the disciplines have tremendous autonomy.

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