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How do students exit basic writing? Check all that apply. - Other - Text (n=44)

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  • Again, I said 0% place into this course because it is not "basic writing." That said, 55-60% of incoming students place into Comp 1.
  • They do not need to pass; BW is an elective here.
  • Students must achieve a C or better to be released from the course.
  • Students must earn a C or better to pass the course. It's a credit-bearing course (4 units/quarter).
  • Students must earn C or better to move from EN105 to EN106, and C or better in EN106 to move to the required FYC course. Upon instructor recommendation, and with a cover letter and portfolio of writing, EN105 students may request permission to move directly to the FYC course. That request is reviewed by Director and Assistant Director of the GCU Writing Program.
  • Students need a passing grade in Studio and in First Seminar.
  • Successfully complete "mainstream" FYW courses
  • The one course we offer is optional and is not a prerequisite for FYW. Some students take the Critical Reading and Writing class concurrently with FYW, some take it before taking FYW, and some withdraw from FYW and take the Critical Reading and Writing Course before attempting to complete the FYW course.
  • There are no basic writing classes, but there are "labs" that students can take to support their writing in other classes. They can pass or fail these.
  • There is no basic writing course, per se.
  • They pass the co-req
  • Students complete the co-requisite course with English 101. Once they've passed English 101, they are done with the "basic writing" course.
  • They pass the same course as any other student and move directly into the second course in the FYC sequence.
  • They pass their first-semester writing course and meet the conditions of the basic writing syllabus.
  • This is only a one-credit course that is paired with the first-year composition and speech course. The course is over at the semester. If a student fails, there is no repercussion.
  • Upon successful completion of either 101 or the 101E (with that co-requisite studio), students move into ENG 102
  • We don't have an exit mechanism other than final grade.
  • we don't have formal basic writing, but students "exit" the studios with a passing grade.
  • We have no compliance requirement.
  • When we had a course, they had to pass. Now they must earn a C or better in the intensive FYW course.
  • Students in the supported/intensive FYC first semester either fail and repeat a regular first semester FYC or pass and go onto second semester regular FYC
  • Student who pass can enter WRT 1050. Students can also choose to take an optional placement exam at the end of basic writing to skip WRT 1050 and go right into WRT 1060, the general education writing foundations requirement.
  • Basic writing is not a pre-req.; it's an option
  • Our basic writing course is a non-required elective, so students are not required to complete/pass the course to enroll in the mainstream FYW course.
  • C- or better to pass.
  • Does not matter if students pass or fail. When the course is completed, they may register for the next writing sequence.
  • If they pass the Comp 1 they are concurrently enrolled in but somehow don't pass the 1 credit learning support section they can move on to Comp 2
  • It is optional.
  • It's an additional semester requirement. Those students take three semesters of composition rather than two.
  • Most students pass, but there is nothing to stop them from going on to take the credit-bearing FYW the next semester (even if they fail basic writing, and some do).
  • One-on-one mentoring is available out of the Writing Center. The length of time depends on the students' needs and is determined by the Assistant Director of the Writing Center.
  • Online NCBO (non course based options)
  • pass 3 papers (of 4-5) with a B
  • Since the intensive course is also College English I, passing the course necessarily entails exiting basic writing
  • Pass credit-bearing course (101)
  • Pass English 1101
  • Pass the companion course in the credit-bearing curriculum. We are using the ALP model, as per Texas Law HB 2223.
  • pass the stretch course of the FYW course and the studio course (ours is a course and not the small group meeting model)
  • passing English 1101
  • Passing grade in ENGL 1302 or COMM 1311
  • Passing grade in FYW
  • Passing grade in FYW.
  • Professor recommendation
  • Written essays and/or portfolios

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