2013 Two-Year Institution Survey

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What is the "other" content of the second semester FYW requirement? (n=35)

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  • 2nd semester has a much stronger focus on students' research skills and analytical writing
  • research based with one paper on literature
  • The second course has a larger research compoenent requried
  • students choose from Report writing, technical writing, and writing about literature
  • stronger research component
  • Second semester focuses on persuasive writing and research
  • researched argument or technical writing
  • research/ana;ytical writing (research paper)
  • research writing and information literacy
  • Research Writing (4 responses)
  • research paper
  • Research methods, citation, documentation, and MLA format are emphasized in addition to those othe checked items.
  • research based writing concerns
  • Research based
  • argument
  • research and argument (2 responses)
  • research & argument
  • research (5 responses)
  • Policy Argument, Technical Writng, Business Writing
  • literary analysis and argument
  • learning to write an extended research paper
  • deeper coverage of rhetorical content and more research empahsis
  • critical analysis
  • Argument/research
  • argument and rhetoric
  • argument and research
  • writing for mass media

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