Texas A&M University-San Antonio2017 Institution Survey

Institutional requirements and goals--Writing Requirement

Does your institution have a writing requirement?


What does the writing requirement at your institution consist of?

First-year composition predominately taught by English and/or Writing department (FYC)

Writing-intensive courses that are located throughout the curriculum (W courses)

Are there curricular requirements that are not part of the writing requirement but that have writing as an explicit goal?


What curricular requirements have writing as an explicit goal?

other requirements

What other curricular requirements have writing as an explicit goal?

A digital portfolio students begin in First-Year Composition and continue to develop in their upper-division WI courses

Is oral communication a component of an institutional writing requirement?

Oral communication is a separate general education requirement.

Institutional requirements and goals--College Writing Goals

Are there institution-wide student writing goals?


Institutional requirements and goals--National Survey of Student Engagement

Does your institution administer the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)?

I don't know

Institutional requirements and goals--Changes to Writing Program

Were there changes to the writing requirement since the academic year 2012-13?


Which changes took place in regards to the writing requirement?

The writing requirement was added.

Students are required to take more writing-intensive courses than before.

Were there changes to the assessment of writing at your institution since the 2012-13 academic year?


Which changes took place in regards to assessment?


Do you foresee changes at the institutional level to the sites of writing on your campus over the next four years?


What type of changes to the institutional sites of writing do you foresee in the next four years?

Changes to the curricular structures or writing requirement

Changes to assessment

Changes to expand the writing program or sites of writing on campus

First-Year Writing--General Description

Does your institution have a first-year writing requirement, whether explicit or embedded?


What is the institutional home for first-year writing?

English department

How would you describe your first-year writing requirement? Check all that apply. See Glossary for definitions.

First-Year Composition (FYC)