Goucher College2017 Institution Survey

Writing centers--General description

Does your institution have a writing center or learning center with writing tutors?


Is the writing center free-standing or part of another institutional unit?


Where is the writing center located? Note: From this point on writing center refers to both free-standing and those located within another unit.


Is there a mission statement for the writing center?


Are there explicit goals for the writing center?


How are the goals assessed?

Student feedback forms

Faculty feedback

Center usage statistics

In addition to providing support for students writing for their courses, what services does the writing center offer? Check all that apply.

Assistance with writing in a language other than English

Assistance with multimodal assignments

Assistance with oral presentations

Assistance with Powerpoint or other presentation software

Assistance with job materials

Assistance with graduate school materials

Assistance for English Language Learners

Asssistance for faculty on syllabus or curriculum development

What events does the writing center offer?

Student workshops

Faculty workshops

Space for student to come together to write

Writing centers--Consultations

What type of appointments does the writing center offer?

scheduled face-to-face appts

drop-in face-to-face appts

What is the average length of a consultation or tutorial session offered?

60 minutes

What percentage of the undergraduate student body had a writing center consultation during the 2016-17 academic year?


Writing centers--Consultants

How many consultants worked in the writing center during the 2016-17 academic year? UG=undergraduates, GS=graduate students, Fac=faculty, PT=professional tutors, Vol=volunteers


On average, what percentage of a week's consultations are staffed by each group? For example, if your center offers 100 hours of consultations a week and 50 hours are filled by undergraduates and 25 hours by both graduate students and professional tutors, then the percentage would be 50% undergraduate, 25% graduate students, and 25% professional tutors.


How are undergraduate consultants initially trained?

Full-credit course

Staff meetings

What on-going professional development opportunities are provided undergraduate consultants?

Attend national conferences

Attend regional conferences

Present at national conferences

Staff meetings


Meeting with Director

How are the undergradaute consultants compensated?

Hourly wage

Writing centers--Administration

In addition to the person who has primary responsibility, how many undergraduates, graduate students, staff members, or faculty members have administrative responsibilities for the writing center?


Does the writing center have a faculty advisory committee?


Writing centers--Changes

Since the academic year 2012/13 have there been changes to the writing center at your institution (not including staffing)?


What changes have been made?

Added online tutoring

Began to offer workshops

Since the academic year 2012/13 have there been changes to the staffing or administration of the writing center at your institution?


What changes were made to the staffing or administration of the writing center?

Full-time Writing Center Admininstrator Position Created

Do you foresee changes to the writing center over the next four years?


Writing Fellows (Embedded Writing Tutors)--General information

Does your institution have a writing fellows program? (See glossary for definitions)