California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo2017 Institution Survey

Institutional requirements and goals--Writing Requirement

Does your institution have a writing requirement?


What does the writing requirement at your institution consist of?

First-year composition predominately taught by English and/or Writing department (FYC)

Mid-level writing course

Writing-intensive courses that are located throughout the curriculum (W courses)

Writing in the major


Proficiency exam

Senior thesis or capstone experience

Are there curricular requirements that are not part of the writing requirement but that have writing as an explicit goal?


What curricular requirements have writing as an explicit goal?

Senior capstone or thesis for some or all students

Is oral communication a component of an institutional writing requirement?

Oral communication is a separate general education requirement.

Institutional requirements and goals--College Writing Goals

Are there institution-wide student writing goals?


Have the goals been influenced by the WPA Outcomes Statement?


Are the goals assessed at the institutional level?


How are the college-wide student writing goals assessed?

Professors certify for writing proficiency when students take writing-intensive courses.

Departments assess majors through a senior-culminating experience.

What are other approaches to assessment of institutional goals?

University-Wide Writing Assessment

Institutional requirements and goals--Writing Committee

Does your institution have a writing committee?


Who serves on the committee?

First-year writing administrator

Writing center administrator

Writing faculty

English faculty


Institutional requirements and goals--National Survey of Student Engagement

Does your institution administer the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)?


How does your writing program use the NSSE data?

Data used for assessment.

Data used to argue for additional resources.

Data used to promote the writing program.

Data used to support curricular changes.

Institutional requirements and goals--Changes to Writing Program

Were there changes to the writing requirement since the academic year 2012-13?


Were there changes to the assessment of writing at your institution since the 2012-13 academic year?


Do you foresee changes at the institutional level to the sites of writing on your campus over the next four years?


What type of changes to the institutional sites of writing do you foresee in the next four years?

Changes to the curricular structures or writing requirement

Changes to expand the writing program or sites of writing on campus

Writing centers--General description

Does your institution have a writing center or learning center with writing tutors?


Is the writing center free-standing or part of another institutional unit?


Where is the writing center located? Note: From this point on writing center refers to both free-standing and those located within another unit.



Is there a mission statement for the writing center?


Are there explicit goals for the writing center?


In addition to providing support for students writing for their courses, what services does the writing center offer? Check all that apply.

Assistance with reading

Assistance with job materials

Assistance with graduate school materials

Assistance for English Language Learners

What events does the writing center offer?

Student workshops

Space for student to come together to write

Dissertation or thesis boot camp

Writing centers--Consultations

What type of appointments does the writing center offer?

scheduled face-to-face appts

drop-in face-to-face appts

scheduled phone appts

online feedback via e-mail

What is the average length of a consultation or tutorial session offered?

30 minutes